SGW Security Gateway Compatibility

Categories: Performance Tuning

SGW, or Security Gateway, is a new technology used in recent model year vehicles to prevent unauthorized access to a vehicle’s ECU. Some manufacturers using the technology include Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and many others. The security feature is used mostly in select vehicles manufactured in the year 2018 and newer, and works by isolating traffic from the central vehicle bus network. This is designed to prevent malicious devices from modifying the vehicle ecu and causing damage, as well as eavesdropping and altering critical vehicle systems. While it can be beneficial, the security feature can also cause headaches for many drivers who see it as a way for the dealer to effectively ‘lock out’ the competition from accessing the vehicle ecu without a special dealer tool.

OBD tuning devices which use this port will not be able to access the vehicle ecu and therefore will not be compatible with vehicles using this security feature. Proecutuning has analyzed and tested a workaround which allows our devices to function on these vehicles without requiring involved modifications by the user. If you want to be sure our products work with your vehicle, please contact us!