VT-2 Big Rig Diesel Performance Chip Tuner Fuel Saver

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VT-2 Diesel Truck Performance Tuner – Increase Fuel Economy and Performance.

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Proecutuning’s custom programming delivered to your diesel rig. Available for many vehicles with the Detroit Series 60 12.7L / 14L and Cummins ISX engines, such as the Freightliner Columbia, Freightliner Century, Freightliner Coronado, International 9200i, Monaco Signature Series, and many others. Contact us for compatibility.


How it works:

We write our custom settings for your engine into the VT-2. When connected to your engine, the module overrides signals governing fuel consumption, power, timing, etc. When the vehicle computer (ECU) requests these signals, the tuned values stored in the VT-2 are read instead of the stock values. This technology allows us to modify specific features without affecting other vehicle systems. The result? Improved throttle response, smoother shifting and engine performance, better fuel economy and an overall better ride.


What if you need to go back to stock?

Simply remove the VT-2 tuner with your truck off. When you start the truck again, it will immediately return to stock. The VT-2 performance chip leaves no trace once removed and cannot be detected if removed. Easily removed when truck service is needed.


Are any upgrades required to use the VT-2 on my rig?

No special upgrades are required. The VT-2 is a smart mini-computer and works with any upgrades when first connected to the engine. The only requirement is that your EGR system must be functional – the VT-2 interfaces with this system to provide engine adjustments.


Will the VT-2 affect towing or transmission shift points?

The VT-2 performance tuner will optimize power and towing capability to deliver the best and most efficient ride. It will not affect transmission shift points.


What is the catch or downside?

The only ‘catch’ is that the VT-2 tuner must remain connected to the engine to tune your rig and improve performance. Once removed, the truck will return to stock immediately.


What if I decide to change vehicles?

The VT-2 is programmed for a specific engine and will only interface with that engine. Should you decide to change vehicles, contact us for compatibility. If your new vehicle is supported, we can re-program the VT-2 chip to work with your new rig.


Is the VT-2 for highway use?

The VT-2 is currently only available for off-road use.


Where do I connect the VT-2?

The VT-2 connects directly to your engine. Usually it is installed on the barometric pressure or other sensor, depending on the vehicle. Detailed install steps are included and installation can be completed in 5 minutes or less. No wire cutting soldering or splicing is required. Installation is simple with factory connectors.


Is there any risk of damage using the VT-2?

The VT-2 is based around a custom programmed microcontroller and has been thoroughly tested. It cannot cause any damage to your rig. Hundreds are already in use and working well.


What gains will my truck see from the VT-2?

Actual gains will vary depending on engine condition, driving habits, etc., but reported gains from the VT-2 are around 1 MPG or more with noticeably improved performance and towing ability. It will pay for itself in fuel savings in short order. Yes, it improves both fuel economy and performance simultaneously.

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